Mission & History


By educating teens and pre-teens we will significantly reduce future incidents of every type of domestic violence.


Future generations living in a world free of domestic violence.


We act on our mission and vision by speaking about domestic violence in the community, holding events to celebrate survivors and creating programming that develops self-worh.

Foundation4 Domestic Violence Prevention was originally founded by two sisters in 2012 and was named Race4 Domestic Violence Prevention.  As the organization developed, and more was learned, the organization’s Board of Directors decided to make a name change in late 2015. We are a non-judgmental organization that realizes people on all sides of domestic violence need to understand it in order to fight it. Additionally, we believe that education is the key to eradicating domestic violence.

We are building an organization to fulfill that mission by educating 4th - 8th graders about self-worth so they can identify their core values and set boundaries against those values. In the past 3 years, we have solely done fundraising to provide grants for domestic violence agency’s existing community outreach and educational programming. In the future, we are focused on developing youth education programming. We will also provide self-esteem training to people of all ages because we know that confidence is an important part of healthy relationships!