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  • Women Who Are Abused
    Women Who Are Abused


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    Men Who Are Abused Each year


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    Children Who Suffer from Abuse


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    Percent of Assaults at Home


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When you’ve left an abusive relationship, it may take time to feel safe and secure in a new home. You want to be able to feel comfortable in your new space, but it is fairly common for domestic violence survivors to feel uneasy or cautious about settling in a new home with new routines. This uneasiness is perfectly natural; be patient with yourself.

When a child experiences domestic violence (witnessing violence between parents or exercising violence toward a parent), certain lies are imprinted in their subconscious. These lies can lead to abuse in later life, illness and mental health issues.

Uncovering the truth is a healing process that allows adults to recover from their pain. Educating children experiencing domestic violence can save them from a life of self-doubt, guilt, resentment and anger.

Foundation4 Domestic Violence Prevention is proud to have been chosen by Childhood Domestic Violence Association to offer the tools they have created as part of our educational programming. To request a speaker to share these tools, please call 844-900-4DVP.

Some days I sit back and wonder, “What if my brother had been exposed to specific education that brought awareness to domestic violence, the traits of a healthy relationship, and how to thrive after being abused? Would things have turned out differently?”